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Floors set the tone for the rest of your home. At YYC Coverings, we understand the need to have a solid foundation for your family, but deciding your aesthetic shouldn’t have to be overwhelming. We bring every home the beautiful floors it deserves by simplifying the process from beginning to end.

With our years of expertise, we match your lifestyle and personal tastes to flooring that suit your vision. We’ve done this a thousand times over and know exactly what to expect. Even with all of this experience, each customer is unique and deserves our unique solutions. We’ll tour you through the details, highlight the areas you’ll need to consider, and help you ‘red flag’ a mismatch between the materials and your needs.

Whether you’re designing or revamping a single room, multiple rooms, or your entire home – we’ve got you covered. Enjoy gorgeous floors that last a lifetime.

Calgary’s Trusted Flooring Supplier

Unmatched Industry Experience

Our unique dedication to service is founded on more than 70 years of multi-generational expertise, delivering the highest quality craftsmanship and materials. While floors may just be one part of your home’s character, our flooring experts go above and beyond to educate and provide sound advice even in the most unique situations.

Standards of Excellence

Nothing will beat our commitment to quality, sound advice, and choice of flooring. Our materials and service translate into beautiful flooring that can be treasured for generations.

Creating a Lifestyle

Your life is unlike anyone else’s. We pay attention to your ambitions and match your lifestyle and personality into each inspired room. We’ll help you tie together all the pieces to make your dream home a reality.

Meet Our Flooring Experts

World-class craftsmanship by local leaders

Jamie MacDonald, CFO

As a pillar in the construction industry, Jamie’s rockstar leadership brings together a strong community of partners and families. His desire to “do it better” is the foundation of YYC Coverings’ great team.

Jason Sawers, Flooring Manager

With a rich background in sales, and a passion for construction, Jason’s 16+ years (and counting) in flooring paves the future for the industry. He’s able to knock down barriers between suppliers and clients and create new opportunities for inspired homes.

Joe Valente, COO

With over 10 years in restoration and flooring  experience and with 20 years in management and marketing, Joe is an amazing example of customer-centered management. Joe’s personalized experience and advice sets a new industry standard, and his passion for treating clients right defines YYC Covering’s unique approach.

Jared Maillot, CEO

Jared hails from three generations of construction leaders in Calgary. For over 16 years he has made his mark in the restoration industry and is now focused on connecting the vision and talent of clients, contractors, and flooring manufacturers.

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